The IC Shuk (Marketplace), a highlight of every IC, is where attendees can purchase swag (merchandise) from chapters, councils, regions and countries all around the Order.

Participants can take their new BBYO merchandise back to their community and display the BBYO Movement spirit year-round. This is a great opportunity for your chapter, region, council or country to raise funds and share your pride!

All chapters, regions, councils and communities are encouraged to sell items at the IC Shuk. As is the long-standing tradition, 10% of all IC Shuk sales revenue is contributed to BBYO's International Service Fund (ISF).

As IC continues to evolve, there are new procedures in place for the IC Shuk:

  1. Items may not be sold with the old BBYO logo or any variation of the old BBYO logo.
  2. Items may not be sold with the phrase "B'nai B'rith Youth Organization"
  3. All regions, councils, and communities must submit a picture of their item or item’s design for use in the IC Shuk Catalog in the IC Mobile App. The design can be uploaded at the end of this form. For communities selling multiple items, please upload one document with all of the designs pictured.
  4. All items must be shipped directly to the IC Hotel ahead of participant arrival to convention. If items are brought with participants to be sold at the Shuk, there is no guarantee items will be available immediately for sale. Shipping to/from the hotel will be at the expense of the region/council/country.

All items being sold will be reviewed by BBYO's Marketing Department to ensure that the items do not misrepresent the BBYO brand.

The IC Shuk Form

Below is shipping information and the form that must be filled out to have items sold at the IC Shuk. The deadline for submission is January 18, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Goodman at

Shipping Information will be made available shortly. Shipping to/from the hotel will be at the expense of the region/council/country.

Return Shipping Instructions: Please note that if you choose to ship your items back home, you must include a pre-paid UPS or FedEx label, so that we can return unsold items to you. All leftover items, without a return label, will be donated to local charities.

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