IC 2016 Speaker Highlight

This week, 2,400 Jewish teens will come together in Baltimore for the biggest moment of our movement: BBYO International Convention 2016. Joining us will be a diverse and impressive array of leaders from all walks of life who have heard about our movement and want to experience it firsthand. We will have the opportunity to hear from politicians, social activists, business leaders, journalists, athletes and many, many others.

We are honored to host Cornell Brooks, the President and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). As someone who inherited an organization founded by civil rights movement leaders such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Brooks has unparalleled experience in the world of civil rights.

Gideon Lichtman, a former U.S. Air Force pilot who helped spark the beginning of the Israeli Air Force, is another speaker we are very excited to hear. His experience as a volunteer fighter pilot for the Jewish state in its 1948 War of Independence is a testament not only to his courage, but also to his strong Zionism.

We are also thrilled to be able to hear from David Brooks, a renowned political and cultural columnist for The New York Times. His crisp and eloquent speaking style along with his experience covering culture and politics for many years will make for an intriguing and exciting address.

We know the wait was worth it! On Sunday, we will all be joined by our headliner for Sunday’s concert, Jason Derulo! With songs such as “In My Head,” “Whatcha Say and” “Trumpets,” the concert is sure to be an entertaining end to BBYO’s biggest weekend ever.

I know I can’t wait for Thursday, and I’m sure you all feel the same way. International Convention 2016 will be one of the most monumental moments in the histories of AZA and BBG. I hope you’re all as proud to be part of it as I am.

Kyle Price (Westchester Region)
Plenaries and Stakeholders Administrative Assistant