Showing Off at the Chapter Showcase

BBGs enjoying spooey at a sisterhood program. Photo by Julia Saltzman.

Chapters from all around the order had the opportunity to host originally local programs on a larger scale for the IC body. Programs included a mini-film festival, advocacy and social actions programs, an LGBTQ inclusion dialogue, and many more!

I attended the super heroes and super villains program run by two teens from Big Apple Region for the Chapter Showcase program. It was a great experience, and I even made some new friends from Denmark!

First, we brainstormed a concept and drew a picture of a super hero in small groups to then share with everyone else. Next, we talked about real people, such as Edward Snowden, and discussed whether they were considered villains or heroes. Finally, we were asked to come up with the traits of a true hero. My group said compassion and empathy. This was an inspiring program and it helped me form new friendships!

Ariel Wexler, Cotton States Region, IC 2016 Press Corps

Teens enjoying the Bottles of Smiles program, hosted by Lonestar Region. Photo by Julia Saltzman.