Thanks to Our Advisors!

Congratulations to all our advisors of the year! We’d like to give a big thank you for being the best and always being there for us. Not to just the 2016 winning advisors, but to all advisors.

You work so hard to make sure we have everything we need and are always available, whether it be about a program or needing advice. We know you don’t have to volunteer to watch a bunch of excited teenagers for a few hours every week or month, and we don’t always show our thanks, but we do appreciate you. We promise.

All advisors work to develop relationships with not only the members but also their parents, other advisors, the regional office, and others in the community that support or work with teens. They keep the focus on the ideals of both 7 Cardinal Principals (AZA) and the Menorah Pledge (BBG), while helping to maintain chapter traditions as well. Our advisors strengthen the movement by empowering us, the teens, and ensuring that meaningful Jewish learning and experiences take place.

Our advisors enable us. They don’t do our work for us, they teach us to be independent and encourage us to work our hardest until our task is complete. Advisors don’t run the meetings, they guide them and keep the teens on track.

We’d like to give another HUGE thanks to our 2016 advisors of the year. Stuart Nulman, Audra Fierstein, Rebeka Mucheva, and Jessica Rosenbaum were all honored during the State of the Order.

Stuart Nulman of Montreal's Hagannah AZA #2274 of BBYO Eastern Canada Region was presented with the 2016 AZA Advisor of the Year Award. Photo courtesy of: BBYO Canada.

You have each displayed a passion for your chapter and your teens that is unparalleled. You have truly inspired and motivated your teens. They saw in you, what they hope to be: a strong leader, a caring friend, an encouraging teacher, a passionate Jew. We admire your dedication, and in return, we would like to honor you as advisor of the year.

Elena Rogers, Eastern Region : Virginia Council, IC 2016 Press Corps