Dialogue with Danes

Earlier today, I got the opportunity to speak with two teens from Denmark name Elias Axel Kaerhoeg (Left) and Jonathan Schustin (Right). The two teens live in a very different Jewish climate than we’re used to in North America, and they stated that they were especially thankful for ISF for inviting them and helping them come to BBYO's International Convention 2016. Elias is also a member of the IC Press Corps.

Michael (Interviewer): How long did your travel take to get to IC?

Elias: All in all, the trip took fourteen hours. Ten hours in flying, and four hours in layovers.

Jonathan: We flew from Copenhagen to [London] Heathrow and then from Heathrow to BWI.

Michael: What is BBYO like where you come from, and how is it different from North America?

Elias: BBYO is much smaller. Our programs are also much more religious because we live in an orthodox community.

Michael: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned that can help your chapter back home?

Jonathan: How to methodically discover what your goals are instead of going in blind.

Elias: We generally learned how to be a lot more organized. We also learned just how big BBYO is and how we can use it as a resource.

Michael: How do you think your Judaism has helped you connect with new people you’ve met here?

Jonathan: We think it’s really cool that we can talk to people about familiar issues and have them respond with different points of view than we’re used to. We come from a very orthodox culture, so it’s very nice to talk to more reform people about certain topics.

Michael: What are you most excited about for the rest of IC?

Elias: I’m very excited to meet and connect with even more people who I haven’t met yet and wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise.

Michael Blickstein, Great Midwest Region, IC 2016 Press Corps

Danish BBYO teens Elias Axel Kaerhoeg (Left) and Jonathan Schustin (Right). Photo by Michael Blickstein.