Grassroots Advocacy is Great!

Leads Day is an event I've been excited about since I got the steering assignment last year. I went to both Impact summer programs and really wanted to use my knowledge of activism and advocacy with the rest of the people in BBYO.

Stephanie Margolis and I led a session called Grassroots Advocacy where we worked with StandWithUs to teach effective methods of deflecting anti-Israel movements on campus (AKA Defense Against the Dark Arts). StandWithUs showed the group how to disarm anti-Israel arguments and tell the difference between an argue net for human rights and  anti-semitism.

Leads Day was a really interesting canvas to show members, especially younger ones, how to bring community service and advocacy back home. There was a lot of information about Israel and about movements like BDS that I learned from my session, which I can now bring back home to my chapter and work with them to make our community a better place.

This was a really important experience that I'm so honored to have experienced. The team I worked with was fantastic, the Administrative Assistants were attentive and helpful, and the whole environment was very educational. It's definitely an experience I would recommend for any Aleph or BBG apply for.

Michael Blickstein, Region, IC 2016 Press Corps