Shabbat Shalom from IC 2016

B'nai B'rith Girl teen song leader enjoying programs with friends. Photo by Mike Kandel Photography.

As we come to the close of our BBYO Leads Day, we have time to reflect on all of our programs, events, and learning opportunities from the past days. Teens, speakers, staff, and all other attendees have been inspired through social justice causes and advocacy sessions. We learned about globalization, Israel, leadership, marketing and communications, philanthropy, political engagement, relationship building, service, chapter and program development, event management, design and more with experts from organizations and companies across Baltimore!

Aleph Zadik Alephs during IC 2016. Photo by Mike Kandel Photography

Now, more than 2,400 of us are coming together for a Shabbat like no other – between tonight and tomorrow morning, we have several oneg options, including a Bro-neg sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and Dough-neg where teens can make challah for charity with the organization Challah for hunger. With over 23 different Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat service options (all teen-led, of course), there are plenty for teens to choose from and find a great spiritual and engaging fit!

And, BBYO is about to break a Guinness World Record for the largest Shabbat dinner ever!

@BBYOInsider and all of our social media presences will go off-line in observance of Shabbat. We’ll be back at Havdalah tomorrow night, and you can re-join us live at that time and then later for streaming of BBYO Honors: State of the Order and Awards Gala. 

We wish you and your communities a happy and peaceful Shabbat from Baltimore!

IC 2016 Opening Ceremonies. Photo by Jason Dixson Photography.