Meet Gil Katzir from the Israeli Delegation!

Gil Katzir from Israeli is excited to be at IC 2016!

Gil Katzir from Israeli is excited to be at IC 2016!

Name: Gil Katzir

Age: 16

Country/Region: Israel

How did you hear about BBYO?

I'm from Maccabi Tzair and it's like BBYO. We are the delegation from Israel, and every year delegations of BBYO travel to Israel to meet our chapters. We create a connection, and about 27 of us came this time.

How many years have you attended IC?

This is my first IC. Every year, there are about 100 Israeli teenagers who want to apply and go. We have to go through a series of tests, including English testing. Every year, our delegation has gotten bigger and more Israeli teens are getting to experience what I am this year.

What is your favorite part of IC so far?

Wednesday morning in Shacharit has been my favorite. It was so amazing to see all these Jews from different countries know the same songs and prayers. It shows our connection as a movement and a people. It was an amazing experience.

What are you most looking forward too?

I'm excited to see Jason Derulo perform! I'm also very excited to meet new friends from other countries and make connections with them.

If you were able to come back next year, who would you want the performer to be?

I would really like it to be Chris Brown or Enrique Iglesias, but my number one would be Adam Levine.

Elena Rogers, Eastern Region: Virginia Council, IC 2016 Press Corps