Learn, Laugh, Lead

Today, teens from across the Order had the opportunity to learn about how to be leaders in their communities. After starting the day with an inspiring leadership plenary, teens split off into their respective leadership labs to learn and give back to the communities. Leadership labs included Public Arts, BBG and AZA Leadership, Globalization, Veteran and Civil Affairs, and more.

 I was lucky enough to attend the off-site leadership lab called Building a Brand. The lab took place in Creative Alliance, a former theatre turned creative arts showcase building. The space was full of modern art and history. The leadership lab was presented by the company CatalystCreativ, a company that creates events and brand identities for organizations including ESPN and Coca Cola.

In this lab, we learned about digital strategy, communication, event programming, production, graphic design and branding, all through a BBYO lens. Alongside an interactive presentation that taught us about these topics, we were given the opportunity to split off into groups where we worked through scenarios including "design a theme and logo for IC 2017" and "create a 4-week promotion campaign for Marathon Madness".

By taking the concepts we were taught and applying them to these scenarios, I was able to learn how to plan effective campaigns and attention-grabbing events. These are skills which I intend to bring back to my region and chapter to take my programming abilities to the next level.

After completing this leadership lab, I find myself excited to return from IC with new ideas on how to go that extra mile when planning events, and to share my newfound knowledge with the growing leaders in my region. I look forward to all the leadership and learning opportunities that are still to come throughout this weekend.

Hailey Appel, Lake Ontario Region, IC 2016 Press Corps