Lessons Learned at Membership Growth Summit

As we walked into the room and looked around at our brother Alephs and sister BBGs, the feeling in the room was energetic. All 35 members, eager as ever to learn, started off by getting to know a little bit more about each other while practicing techniques for recruitment. We dove right into MRIHA by sharing experiences from our home regions and chapters of how we improved our recruitment skills and techniques.

What's MRIHA you might ask? MRIHA stands for meet, record, invite, host, and ask. This is the process that we use to recruit new members to our movement. First, we meet prospective members in our community at any number of places. From temples to bagel shops, we brainstormed all the places we could meet fellow Jewish teens. From there, we discussed how to record contact information from prospective members so we can stay in touch, using personal interests to soak conversations with them. Keeping that connection will persuade them to join BBYO. Next, we talked about what events were best to invite prospectives to and ways to get them to come. Hosting is, more than anything, getting to know your prospectives and hosting events they would be invested in. It may even mean just going out to ice cream to get to know them better and become their friend, not just a recruiter. The fifth and final step in the process is to ask. Ask a prospective to become a member.

BBYO thrives on the passion of thousands of Jewish teens. Our movement grows with our members. This means we need to ask our prospectives to join us in the organization that is the highlight of our high school years. Leaving the summit knowing so much more than what we knew going in, I feel confident that the attending members will take what they learned home to their regions and chapters and share the passion they have for BBYO with that Jewish teen they meet at the bagel shop.

The Membership Growth Summit taught participants how to develop recruitment plans and grow BBYO.

-Elena Rogers, Eastern Region: Virginia Council, IC 2016 Press Corps