Global Partners Summit at a Glance

On Wednesday, more than 150 teens from 27 countries gathered together for the Global Partners Summit. This summit consisted of all members of the Global Networking Committee and all international delegates.  

We kicked off our evening by hearing from an incredible speaker, Zhanna Bell, who shared with us the stories from her interactions with Jewish teens from all around the world. We then got the chance to share unique aspects of our Jewish communities with each other in an effort to gain an understanding of how Judaism is different in places all around the world.

From there we began rotations where we "stood in the shoes" of Jewish teens from all over the world in order to understand their experiences with assimilation, Holocaust education, Israel, equal rights, and anti-semitism. We focused on these topics in smaller discussion groups to deepen our understanding on these truly important topics.

Teens discussing the importance of having political discussion without dividing our community.

By participating in these experiences, we learned and discussed how we can strengthen our Judaism through meaningful conversation and authentic relationships. We worked to answer the question “what can we do to grow our Jewish community?”  

After this PreSummit, I can proudly say that I am now ready to bring home a discussion of these topics, and work towards growing my Jewish community, especially through BBYO.

Hailey Appel, Lake Ontario Region, IC 2016 Press Corps