Connections, Reunions, and Character - Oh my!

Led by BBYO's very own Chief Executive Officer Matthew Grossman, "The Character of a Movement" session during the Stakeholder Event of the Summit on Jewish Teens featured stories from an array of BBYO members and alumni from all walks of life. Their individual accounts illustrated the larger picture of world Jewry and the inter-connected aspects of BBYO's wide impact and community.

Op-Ed Columnist and Commentator for The New York Times, David Brooks also spoke during the summit presentation about the connections between Jews to one another, in addition to the bonds between people on a grand scale. Other speakers and guests included BBYO teen members and leaders from small and large Jewish communities, a former Israeli solider who is a current member of Maccabi Tzair (a youth, educational branch of the Maccabi World Union), and a Holocaust survivor who is additionally an alum of AZA.

The session was full of striking and inspiring moments. The crowd was moved and reminded of the power of BBYO and how it connects us to each other through unbreakable bonds; truly an memorable end to an impressive and thought-provoking summit.