Canadian National Summit: More Than Just Timbits

Canadian teens at CNS sporting their pride!

Rolling in from the Great White North, over 50 attendees from Eastern Canada Region, Lake Ontario Region, North West Canada Region and Red River Region came together to attend the first Canadian Pre-Summit in BBYO History.

During this summit, we learned how to strengthen our movement in our country while forming lifelong friendships with people from other provinces. We were able to mingle, meet and find common connections and interests.

I had the honour of leading a program with two of my close regional friends. We taught relationship-based recruitment, found root problems in our regions, and planned solutions.

One of the most impactful programs we had was sitting in a dark room with our eyes closed, preparing ourselves a small meal. We had a plate with jam, and as one of the people running the program was speaking, advisors and staff walked around putting bread and oranges on our plates. We were then told to spread the jam on the bread to create a sandwich. We all struggled to find everything, and after finishing the sandwich, we were told to peel the fruit. We struggled once again. After finishing our meal, we were told that the exercise was all about trust. We were trusting the people who were giving us instructions like we trust our boards, members, and everyone in our region.

One of the best parts about attending the summit was the celebration of our 90th anniversary with BBYO. All Canadian delegates received a red and white Canada celebration sweater.

Shortly after, we had our very first all-Canadian business meeting where we passed three motions. Our business meeting closed with the BBGs from all three regions forming a cheer circle! We were so loud that the international meeting in the next room could hear us singing our BBG songs with pride!

The Canadian Pre-Summit has been so impactful and incredible. I have made so many friends and I cannot wait to take back the programming, recruitment and everything else I learned back to my chapter so we can be truly stronger together!

Hannah Aviv, Lake Ontario Region, IC Press Corps 2016