From Membership to Music: A Glimpse into Pre-IC Summit Opportunities

The hotel is ready for the Pre-IC Summit teens to arrive!

A select group of teens from across the International Order will arrive in Baltimore today to participate in one of five Pre-IC Summits:

AZA BBG February Executives Conference (Execs): The leaders of each region will unite to plan the rest of the programming year, discuss membership and involvement strategies, and network with each other. “I’m excited to reaffirm my commitment to my region and the Order by working with the rest of the executive leaders to brainstorm how we can continue to improve. Together, we can move BBYO to be bigger and better,” shares Ruthie Perlman, N’siah of Southern Region: Dixie Council.

Canadian National Summit (CNS): Teens from BBYO Eastern Canada Region, Lake Ontario Region, Northwest Canada Region, and Red River Region will come together to commemorate BBYO’s 90-year anniversary in Canada.

Global Partners Summit (GPS): With over 2,400 teens from 27 countries, IC 2016 will be the largest meeting of BBYO teen leaders worldwide! At this summit, participants from across the International Order will discuss global issues and connect about how to best build a vibrant Jewish community across the world.

 Jewish Enrichment Institute (JEI): This summit offers three tracks: spiritual service, musical service, and community service. Depending on their choice, teens will explore ways to get in touch with their Judaism, such as through prayer, yoga, music, and social justice. JEI participants will also have the opportunity to meet and hear from leading social activists and organizations in the Baltimore area, such as Shalom Mayberg, the founder of the Chamesh Project and

Membership Growth Summit (MGS): Teens will reaffirm their commitment to growing the movement by building recruitment campaigns. Through learning how to engage peers and leverage opportunities to all Jewish teens, participants will make strides towards increasing membership and increasing the movement’s momentum.

BBYO staff members Maya Guthman, NRE: DC, and Maja Vizentaner, Croatia, are excited to welcome Pre-IC Summit participants!

All five Pre-IC Summits will begin at 2pm today, and we are ready to welcome these teens to International Convention 2016!