Regional Delegates Plan for the Future at Execs

Regional leaders gather at Execs for a business meeting.

“The past is over, the present is happening and the future is the only thing you can change.” That was the broad, but very looming and powerful statement Colin Silverman, the 91st Grand Aleph Godol, made after AZA Separates last night. That statement felt ever present and ever potent throughout Execs. Execs is a time for the best leaders of the present to jump start the future, paving a clear path that leads to Order-wide success and a future where BBYO remains a large part of the Jewish world.

International Convention 2016 is all about paving the way for our future, straight from the tagline “It starts with us.” From the Execs session about preventing senior burnout and practicing effective social media, to the LEADs Day track about advocacy that tell us the future of Israel could possibly be in our hands as advocates and activists, IC 2016 is all about empowerment. Even the speakers, like Casey Neistat, who talks about how our best ideas are nothing unless we can put forth the hard work to back them up, keep with the motif of preparing for the future. 

Which begs the question: where are we going? Well, BBYO is going up. This year, BBYO is breaking the world record for biggest Shabbat dinner ever, and it’s very likely that every year we can break the record again. We are big enough to change the world with acts of service and advocating for what we think is right. We are big enough to keep the world safe for Jewish people around the world. We can only get bigger and the world can only get better. Every change we want to make in the world starts with us.

Michael Blickstein, Great Midwest Region, IC Press Corps 2016