BBYO Leads Day at IC, and More!


In less than two weeks, our more than 4,000 person “family reunion” will begin. We, David and Lea, are thrilled to come together as one community and share this incredible experience with each other. It’s been an honor and pleasure to play a part in planning IC, and we’d like to share with you the some of what we’ve been working on and give you a sneak peek of what to look forward to...

On the Friday of IC, BBYO Leads Day, the members of our Order will explore Baltimore through program opportunities known as BBYO Leadership Labs. Each member will get to choose from a variety of tailored leadership and service-learning experiences to further their skills, awareness and impact on a topic personally important to you. Each Leadership Lab will be run by two IC Teen Steering Committee Members, tying the programs brought to you by our partners (each Lab will feature outstanding philanthropists, CEOs, best-selling authors and more from organizations across industries) back to our lives as members of BBYO and Jewish teens. We’re incredibly impressed and grateful for the Steerers that have dedicated their time and energy to make the many Leadership Labs great.!

As we continue to develop these Labs with our partners, Steerers and staff, we’ve become exponentially excited to see what each individual IC participant will take away from BBYO Leads Day. Remember to fill out the IC Delegate survey by TODAY. This is where you choose your Lab (the link is in your email inbox)!  

In order to share the IC experience with Jews from all around the world, the IC 2016 Press Corps will work to capture the most memorable and special moments of IC 2016. Press Corps will share IC via photos, videos, blogs and the the IC Live Stream. The Press Corps team is an exceptionally talented collection of members, who are committed to sharing the experience of IC with BBYO participants and supporters from all around the world. We are confident that this IC will be unforgettable, and we’re excited to see how the Press Corps will capture this IC to remember for years to come.

Shalom, Cheerio and see you in Baltimore!
David Ziman (Westchester Region) and Lea Davis (Evergreen Region)
IC 2016 Logistics Administrative Assistants