Globalization at IC

Hello BBYO, Lauren here!

For the past 6 months, I have dedicated my time as your 71st International N’siah to visit the different areas of our Order. From Atlanta to Toronto, from Denmark to Croatia, all my travels have totaled over 30 regions and countries - and it’s only January! As Colin and I visit each new place, we come across unique Jewish communities and BBYO chapters with traditions, events and foods that have evolved specifically for that place. 

One North American region where this is evident is Rocky Mountain Region. For something as simple as a cheer circle, they have developed their own special style; it is the only place where BBGs participate in the typical AZA cheer, the Wizard. In Europe, the Jewish community in Izmir, Turkey has a remarkable culture. They have around a dozen synagogues located throughout the city, many of them based next to each other. It’s easy to simply float from one temple to the next, because of their close proximity, and witness the distinctive architecture and atmosphere of each one. 

We constantly talk about the worldwide reach of BBYO; however, it is an entirely separate thing to witness it. That’s where IC comes in. Each year, we not only grow in the amount of North American participants and representatives, but also in the amount of International teens from around the world. This year, we have exceeded previous attendance numbers, and have a record breaking 2,400 North American teens and 130+ international teens from 25+ countries! This will be a proud moment in our history.

While IC is a showcase for our top programs, Shabbat services and speakers, it is also a display of the diversity of our Movement. Throughout the week, there will be opportunities to interact with every region in our Order. Specifically during Opening Ceremonies, the State of the Order and Limud sessions, regions will highlight their unique qualities for all of BBYO! With only two weeks left until we begin to welcome our International teens to the DC-Baltimore area, I couldn’t be more excited to see our Order come together! 

Can’t wait to see you in Baltimore! 

Lauren Keats
71st International N'siah

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