What Will Shabbat at IC 2016 Be Like?

Shalom Chaverim!

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Ruthie Perlman from Southern Region: Dixie Council and Liam Faigen from Lonestar Region. For the past 4 months, we have had the honor of serving as IC 2016’s Shabbat and Rituals Administrative Assistants! Let us tell you, it has been an insane four months, but we think we speak both for ourselves, our captains Jed, Izzy, Robin, and Jeannie, and the entire Steering Committee when we say that we are so excited for you all to experience Shabbat at IC. It will truly be a weekend for the record books.

Shabbat at BBYO IC 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

Shabbat at BBYO IC 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

AZA BBG IC 2016 will be a breathtaking experience, happening less than a month from now. More than 4,000 Jews will be coming together Friday night to welcome the Sabbath as Kehilah Kedosha, holy community. We have seven fantastic Kabbalat Shabbat services to choose from. Topics range from Jewish history to Globalization to Kabbalah, but all services have the same common theme: community. Throughout Friday night, you’ll recognize how important it is to come together to be Jewish, whether it be for every weekend, or just one.

Oneg literally translates to “the pleasure of Shabbat,” and our Oneg Steering Committee has worked hard to ensure that you will have a meaningful and fun Oneg experience. From poetry slams, to meditative soundscapes, to human board games and, of course, to BBYO Summer Experiences reunions, there’s no doubt you’ll find your niche and have a great time. You will go back to your rooms Friday night feeling #blessed beyond belief to be a part of AZA and BBG because it has given you the opportunity to welcome Shabbat and feel the strength of the Jewish people with thousands of other teens. 

After feeling the strength of our Movement and community Friday night, we will transition to a more individualized Shabbat observance. Our 16 Saturday morning services will give you the chance to spiritually connect in a smaller, more intimate service of your choice. This year’s out of the box topics range from yoga, body image, gender roles, current events and cereal boxes. The Saturday Morning Service Committee has worked hard to prepare these services for you, and we hope that you will take advantage of every moment of this learning experience.

At night, we will come back together as an IC body for a convention-wide Havdalah ceremony. The light of the candles will illuminate the ballroom and will remind you that “It Starts With Us” as we separate Shabbat from the new week, and IC from a new year of BBYO. We will end Shabbat as a community, and you will once again experience the power of our movement and of the Jewish people as a whole. 

Thanks to the Shabbat and Rituals steering committee, our Shabbat spent together is sure to surpass all expectations. It will definitely be a weekend to remember! 

We are so excited to see y’all in B’more in a few weeks! 

-Ruthie Perlman (Southern Region: Dixie) and Liam Faigen (Lonestar Region)