IC 2016 Programming Update

What's up, BBYO?

We are so excited to see you in a month for IC 2016 in Baltimore! As Programming Administrative Assistants, we are responsible for overseeing all programming throughout IC. Over the last few months, we’ve been working with our steering teams to create original programming to make your IC experience the best yet.

We would like to point you to two incredible aspects of IC we’ve been working on:

First, we are very excited to announce a revamped version of the Chapter Programming Showcase! This year, the showcase will include a competition aspect, where we have selected 25 of the best programs the Order has to offer through a selective application process. All the selected chapters will receive $100 toward their chapter programming. The next step happens at IC. Through a newly integrated survey, we will need your help in selecting the best programs in order to award huge prizes to the winning chapters! The top three chapters will receive different levels of the new International Convention Programming Excellence Award we’ve now introduced through the Showcase.

  • Bronze Programming Excellence Award - additional $50 toward future chapter programming
  • Silver Programming Excellence Award - additional $150 toward future chapter programming
  • Gold Programming Excellence Award - additional $300 toward future chapter programming

Also, we have both been working immensely hard on making Separates new, unique and interesting this year. With the unprecedented size and scope of our Order present at IC, BBG Separates will feature an exciting opportunity for girls to recognize the power of our Movement. AZA Separates will recognize our intricate history as Alephs step into the past and reexamine decisions made at crucial moments. Both separates will have strong takeaways, and we can’t wait for you to bring home the lessons you’ve learned from IC Separates!

We are eternally indebted to the IC Steering Team for helping us out so much these past few months. IC will be overflowing with innovative and exciting programming that will make for an unforgettable experience. The next month can’t go by any faster!

See you soon!

Nate Levit (NTO) and Hayley Krolik (CRW)