ISF Raffle Prizes Available for IC 2016

The International Service Fund (ISF) is the primary philanthropic tool for members of AZA and BBG to provide Jewish teens, in North America or worldwide, need-based scholarship to participate in BBYO and Jewish life, give charity when it is needed proactively and at times of crisis, while tracking all BBYO Stand UP philanthropy at the Chapter, Council/Regional, and International level.

There are countless ways to fundraise for ISF; one of them is to have a raffle in your community. We’ve outlined some prizes below for BBYO International Convention 2016 in Baltimore that you can use to supplement other prizes in your raffle. Check out the resource here to learn more about the prizes offered and ideas of other prizes to include in your raffle.

Make sure to fill out the short application available in the “Before the Raffle” section of the resource to apply for the prizes. You will receive an email after submitting the application confirming which IC prizes you can raffle off once you meet the set benchmarks. All proceeds from these raffles will go towards ISF