#AZABBGFallPush Membership Campaign

Growing Your Experiences by Growing the Movement

AZA and BBG are shattering records at an unprecedented rate this year. We’re launching new chapters, growing the reach of our Councils and Regions, and our International Order is quickly expanding. The 91st Grand Board and 71st International Board want to continue to partner with you, the hard-working, committed members of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and B’nai B’rith Girls to amplify our momentum through the end of 2015. We’ve made it possible to support those Alephs and BBGs that are working so hard to share AZA and BBG with thousands of other Jewish teens to deepen their own Jewish journeys with BBYO.

We know how invested you are in the vitality of our Order, so we're piloting a new initiative to invest in YOU. As you share the AZA and BBG experience with others, we hope to enrich your BBYO journey even more!

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